The story behind the game (Lore 101)

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The story behind the game (Lore 101)
« on: May 20, 2019, 06:20:59 AM »
Since this is an early stage of the game, I will provide the general idea.
As said before, I want to make something doable.
I took in mind what can be done with free assets and UMA races.

The story:
Your ship docks to an island that you never visited before.
Apparetly on this island there is a town with some folks and a few wild animals on the surrounding area.
After doing some simple folk quests, you discover that the humans are not the only habitants of this island.
In fact there is an orc race near the costal cave area. Fish gatherers that worship a dragon statue.
Eventually you find out that they are subjects to a real dragon that lives in the caves. They also teach you your first spell (Return to last town).
Nobody in the town believes that the dragon exists, so you have to prove them wrong.
Your adventure to become a dragon slayer begins... eventually find out that dragons are sentient beings and this one is mad because some evil wizard took seven of her eggs.
The dragon cannot exit the caves because she is cursed and daylight will turn her to stone as did her mate! (Remember the statue the orcs worshiped?)
It seems it was not only once a living dragon and her mate, but the creator of the orc race as well! Apparetly dragons are the source of all magic.
The dragon will teach you your first combat spell (Firebolt). It is a weak spell, because you do not have a magic (INT) weapon.
This will lead you to the mainland to really begin your adventures in the search for the dragon eggs...

(The game so far is consisted only by the island area.)

When you will reach the mainland:
If you want to become a wizard oriented character, you will have to create your first magic weapon.
As you will progress the game you will learn more about dragon lore.
Apparently those dragon eggs where magicaly transformed to fully grown bosses.
After defeating them, some will turn to your side and some will turn evil.

Later there will be more things in the game...
The wizard that stole the eggs is building an army of darkness!