Gameplay concept

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Gameplay concept
« on: June 02, 2019, 01:42:17 AM »
Before start making anything it is best to set some ground rules.
  • There are no specific player classes (fighter, archer, mage, etc).
  • Players on this game start as fighters and discover various combat abilities as they progress by finishing quests.
  • All items are crafted by specific NPCs. Materials are dropped by monsters. Players cannot craft on their own.
  • Equipable item slots are head, chest, pants, gloves, boots, mainhand and offhand.
  • You can equip all kind of weapons and armors, each with it's own level requirement, props and cons (+2 STR, -1 INT, etc).
  • There are no healers in this game, but there is the ability to craft food and later potions that restore health.
  • There is no mana in this game. All abilities have static cooldowns.
  • There is no currency in this game, but you can trade items.

Drops and experience cannot be gained from monsters that have 4 or more levels difference with the player.
Level difference: Reward percent.
0: 100%
1: 75%
2: 50%
3: 25%
4: 0%